Kenya’s bribery index has decreased, with 77% of respondents reporting to have attained government services without bribes in 2019, compared to 63% in 2017.

The Transparency International Kenya survey dubbed, “Kenya Bribery Index 2019”, has reported fewer episodes of bribery in 2019, a 14 percentage points increase in the number of people who accessed services without encountering bribery. The majority applauded Education, Huduma Centres, and Civil Registration services for ease of access in services without bribery episodes.

Transparency International conducted the study among 2,422 people from 22 counties in November 2019. According to the report, 28 percent of the participants lauded the government’s move in the anti-graft fight, stating that they felt the government’s commitment towards it. Forty-four percent of the participants attributed this to the intensified arrests of perpetrators as well as increased prosecution efforts.

The survey further rated the performance of state agencies in fighting corruption, as average, adding that since 2017, there had been a slight improvement. The Judiciary’s rating had for instance improved from poor to average. Despite all efforts to fight corruption, the President, EACC, and Auditor General were all rated as average.

The majority of the participants at 44% stated that the remedy to stopping anti-corruption was jailing and prosecuting perpetrators.  Twenty percent supported the removal of corrupt officials from office, while 13% stated that the public should be sensitized against corruption.

The survey further supports the move by President Uhuru Kenyatta to put together a task force against graft. It states that “Government agencies in the justice chain should work together when it comes to corruption cases for improved conviction rates in economic crimes.” This, the survey adds, would make corruption less attractive to would-be offenders.

The fight against corruption is indeed something that President Uhuru Kenyatta is passionate about, shown by the push towards multi-agency collaborations, as a tool to win this fight. The multi-agency task force set up to fight corruption in 2015, is so far doing well. The team includes EACC, KRA, ODPP, ARA, DCI, CBK among other agencies.

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