The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), has issued a cautionary Circular to newly elected Governors and county administrators on management of existing staff, new recruitment and pending bills.

The Commission, which is mandated too combat and prevent corruption, economic crime and unethical conduct in Kenya through law enforcement, prevention, public education, promotion of standards and practices of integrity, ethics and anti-corruption was responding to concerns over an emerging trend where incoming officials are making threats in violation of laws on human resource and management of funds.

The Commission expressed concerns that some incoming Governors and their administrators are disregarding laws, policies and procedures applicable to management of existing staff, new recruitment and pending bills. The Commission said that such actions will render persons culpable to legal liability, and may also occasion adverse consequences to county governments including loss of funds.

The Commission raised concern that some Governors had threatened existing staff with sackings, dismissal and might subject them to other illegalities to force their exit. In exercise of its oversight mandate, it directed counties to adhere to the relevant procedures in cases of suspected staff disciplinary issues asking them to report any suspect corruption to the Commission. EACC is currently investigating reported violations from various counties.

The counties have also been directed to adhere to existing laws and policies in recruitment of new staff, saying anyone found to be in breach of the laws will be subjected to applicable sanctions, including prosecution and liability to compensate for any loss of public funds occasioned by unlawful, irregular or unprocedural actions.
The Commission has also directed new Governors to adopt an objective approach to manage pending bills, while suspicious claims should be referred to the Commission for investigations.

Violation of staff recruitment procedures and laws has occasioned public servants in counties, including some touching on County Public Service Boards, to be charged with engaging in corruption.

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