James Nderitu Thuita, a businessman, has been accused of fraudulently receiving approximately 1.1 billion shillings of taxpayer’s money. The money was placed in three different accounts, that he is linked to their directorship including; Flagstone Merchants Limited, Excella Supplies Limited, Flagstone Co Limited and Interscope Tech and Services.

The details emerging regarding the accounts indicate that approximately Kshs. 5 million was held in Standard Bank and another Kshs. 2 million in Equity Bank, with more amounts having been transacted during the period in question.

Like in the other NYS corruption cases the monies were received through empty promises and fake dealings thereby injuring the credibility of the country and the NYS. Mr. Nderitu’s accounts were then frozen after the courts established that there was no reasonable explanation as to the source of the millions of shillings in his bank account.

The James Nderitu Thuita case speaks to the validity of the Multi-Agency Taskforce (MAT) strategies especially, after the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) worked in collaboration with the Standard Chartered Bank to freeze the accounts in question. This has ensured that the money cannot be used to undertake more corruption or to defeat the ends of justice.

The anti-corruption war is alive and well and citizens will continue to get value for their time and taxes, as the government prioritizes the efforts of the multi-agency institutions’ anti-corruption strategies.

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