The ministry of Land and physical planning has for a long time been attributed to issues of corruption, illegal land transactions and perennial fraud to land owners. In turn, homeowners have helplessly witnessed the demolishing of their Multi-million assets and constructions for building without due diligence and developing in public owned land. Corruption networks linked to the Ministry may have just lost their grip after the ‘Ardhi Sasa’ land digitization was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta to mark the end of manual land transactions.

According to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the full rollout of the programme will facilitate the resolution of historical land disputes and guarantee the security and sanctity of land title deeds, true to the slogan ‘Shamba Lako, Hati Safi’

All land records will be digitized in all 47 counties by the end of 2022 and made accessible to the public with the click of a button and totally free of charge. Additionally, existing title deeds will be migrated to an online registry, the registry index maps (RIMS) which will denote land parcels as per the county they are located in.
The President commended young Kenyans who for three years dedicated themselves to build and deploy a world-class system at a fraction of the cost previously used to finance unsuccessful attempts at digitization, confirming that the platform is a wholly Kenyan initiative.

The current initiative to digitize land records is part of the government’s continued commitment to fight corruption and cartels that sell land meant for public use as well as developing modern digital infrastructure to the benefit of common Wananchi.

The new digital platform will benefit all landowners and potential landowners by providing accurate information required to support the commercialisation of land in a convenient and timely manner.

Public land has been separated from private land; and all public land in Nairobi has now been indexed, documented and safeguarded for public use.

This is a milestone the government has made in the war against corruption in a sector where the problem was rampant. It is evident corruption no longer has a place in the current regime and with the support of Kenyans, the government has the potential to completely eradicate it, for development of the country.

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