The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has been flagged out for misappropriation of public resources, with an estimated loss of KShs. 4.2 Billion taxpayers’ money.

The Auditor General Nancy Gathungu in a 2019 report, exposed evidence pointing towards unscrupulous management, weak controls in management of overtime, tenders aimed at swindling billions from KPA and continuous unexplained repairs.

KPA has previously been put on the spot over graft cases, with the latest incident featuring former Director General Daniel Manduku’s charge in a suspected loss of KShs. 2 Billion.

In the year ending June 2019, The AG’s report says that KPA inflated the costs of manufacture of concrete barriers by KSh832 million—or Sh67,000 per barrier. In this incident, the report states that the cost should have been KSh151 million and not the KSh983 million partially delivered and serviced.

This particular order, was placed without following Procurement Regulations, since there was no budget placed for the items ordered. The officer in question, further committed an offence of excessively procuring the items.
The AGs report further showed irregularities in insurance costs estimated at KSh688 M and KShs 144M meant for Lamu Port workers insurance cover. The management approved basic salaries for non-working hours at KShs. 223 M and KShs. 3 M.

Also queried is an unsupported payment of Sh96 million for various tournaments —both locally and overseas—by 11 different teams of KPA.

The KPA management failed to provide details of the selection process for the players to participate in the tournament. Further, they did not clarify how the allowances were allocated to individual players. The AG also queries KPA’s payment in imprest to a cheering squad that attended the tournament; the club had its own budget that should have catered for these expenses.

The report also flagged out the payment of KSh23.5 million to companies in the DRC and Burundi for media services. This was conducted without any competitive bidding processes as per the evidence provided for the audit review.
These irregularities are but a few among the many flagged out by the AG, showing that there have been instances of breach of government protocol and procurement regulations. These irregularities amount to corruption and such must be investigated further with prosecution in mind, given the President’s tough stand on corruption.

Upon further interrogation, The AG report shows that KPA was also in breach of the two-thirds gender rule. An estimated 79 per cent of its workforce were male and 20 per cent female.

The Public Service Commission Human Resource manual guides government organizations in ensuring that two-thirds of positions are filled by either gender.

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