Three Members of Parliament (MPs) have been flagged out for making double claims on domestic travels, mileage claims and overseas travel amounting to over Kshs. Kshs.16.6 million.

The irregular payments, which were spotted by the Auditor General when examining payments for claims by the MPs. This has put the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) on the spot over irregular payments.

The scam involves double or triple payment to the lawmakers for claims for mileage and domestic subsistence facilitation for local travel.

An audit revealed that the legislators were paid domestic subsistence facilitation and mileage claims amounting to Kshs.5,219,357 on days in which they were outside the country and already receiving foreign subsistence allowances, amounting to double payments. The three legislators were also paid Kshs.11,392,479 in domestic travel and subsistence in respect of mileage claims.

In a report to Parliament, Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu said, “In the circumstances, the propriety of the expenditure of Kshs.11,392,479 and Kshs.5,219,358 included under domestic travel and subsistence in the statement of receipts and payments for the year ended June 30, 2020 could not be determined.”

MPs are ordinarily reimbursed weekly mileage of about Kshs.187 per kilometre for a return trip to their constituencies.

The discovery is indeed worrying given that legislators play the role of oversight over the national budget to ensure prudent use of public resources. They also hold anti-graft agencies to account in curbing corruption in the country yet they’re now caught up in a web of corruption themselves. So, who will hold them to account?

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