Hit hard by the economic effects of Covid-19 and its ravage on jobs and businesses, the majority of Kenyans were worried and wondering how they would celebrate the 2020 Christmas festivities without money in their pockets.  Unknown to them, some crafty government officials, working in cahoots with rogue suppliers were planning to dip their hands into the public coffers to line their pockets. The target was Isiolo County funds, specifically, the public funds that would have made their burdens easier had the resources been put to their rightful use.

They however failed to realize that the ever watchful eyes of the lead anti-graft agency, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), were keenly following their crafty plans. Their hour of reckoning came in January when EACC swiftly moved to Court and obtained orders to avert the loss of publics funds. EACC had received information that Isiolo County Government Officials in collusion with the suppliers-contractors paid for services that were never rendered.

The Meru High Court anti-corruption division ordered the freezing of bank accounts belonging to five companies involved in the fraudulent deal. The companies had been paid Kshs.46 million order for supply of foodstuffs and hire of motor vehicles by the former Governor’s office.

The companies whose accounts have been frozen by the Court include Almasi’s Store Ltd, Rayan Provision Stores Ltd, Dabasiti Contractors and Suppliers Ltd, Noyasu Construction Company Ltd and Choke Construction Company Limited.

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