Ex-governor Mike Sonko’s regime is one that will go down history for robbing the city billions of monies despite promising to develop it. It now appears that his developmental theatrics were just that- drama- going by recent reports from the Auditor General. According to the report, Sonko’s government made some major blunders that may have contributed to stalled development in the city. These included: inflated project costs, overpayment of contractors, accumulated pending bills amounting to Kshs. 70.65 billion as at June 30, 2020, irregular withdrawals amounting to Kshs. 500 million, non – payment of statutory deduction worth Kshs. 39.87 million.

The governor is also on the spot over the whereabouts of Kshs. 66.97 million that was generated from approval of development plans during the financial year 2018-2019. According to the finance department records, over Kshs. 1 billion was generated form approvals of 2,582 building plans. However, only Kshs. 950 million could be accou8nted for with the missing amount untraceable. It is suspected to have been pocketed by county officials.

The scathing report brings to the fore the financial rot at City Hall and puts Sonko on the spot over one year after he was impeached for gross violation of the constitution, abuse of office, and gross misconduct. It shows that Sonko’s administration operated secret businesses that were funded by the county government coffers. The governor likely funded his personal PR projects with county money to woo his supporters, and gain political mileage for his future political plans. Anti-Corruption agencies must confiscate Sonko’s properties and bring him to book to ensure justice for hardworking Nairobians whose taxes were stolen and deter future county leaders from corruption.

However ex-governor Sonko who was the accounting officer, flawed the procurement through; financial misconduct, conflict of interest, failure (wilful or unwilful) to comply with applicable procurement laws, conspiring to commit economic crimes, engaging in projects without prior planning, prior approved budgets or disregarding laid down procedures, and abuse of office.

The government has put in place laws and regulations to ensure there are checks and balances and also accountability and transparency in all procurement processes instituted by government institutions, be they the National Government, County Governments, independent Institutions and parastatals.

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