The story of the Ngirita’s, Permanent Secretary Lilian Amollo, Member of Parliament Waluke, NHIF Office Assistant Frederick Onyancha to mention but a few, and the many that anti-graft war caught up with is a testament of what the President meant when he said ‘Utabeba Msalaba wako Mwenyewe’.

When Ngirita’s story came to the limelight, every Kenyan and especially their neighbors wondered where on earth does someone sleeps poor and one morning wakes up a millionaire with fleets of cars, houses, and properties that only a hardworking few in Kenya are privileged to have. Then there was an introduction of the supply of ‘airburger’ where a supplier supplies air or nothing but still is paid by the government. The NYS scandal exposed the evils entrenched in various government departments and the ills both seniors and juniors were indulging in.

It left a lot of Kenyans wondering how the Ngirita’s found themselves on the anti-graft agencies’ radar. The street word used to describe this situation where a person sleeps poor and wakes up a billionaire is ‘Kuomoka’.  It means to make sudden progress in life and abandon the old lifestyle for a new one, a dream every young Kenyan has.

Ooliskia wapi? There is no shortcut to making it in life!

The Ngirita’s too had crossed the bridge until the government reinstated every dime they had and were forced to once again eat from their own sweat.

The government’s resolve to fight graft in the country through the inter-agency collaboration so far has ensured that corrupt individuals have no room to thrive in looting from public coffers.  Graft lords have been investigated and prosecuted and as a result, assets have been recovered.

Corruption stalls development and denies the public access to quality services and social amenities. This anti-graft war will ensure public resources are protected, the morals of the society are upheld, and instill national values to the youth.

The anti-corruption measures the government has put in place cannot allow any graft perpetrator to go unnoticed or easily conduct their businesses without the law catching up. Protecting the moral fiber of the society means every Kenyan doing what is right and teaching the younger generation to create wealth through talents, innovation, and industrialization but not acquiring wealth through corruption.

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