Kuomoka Ni Bidii Yangu!

Corruption is not ‘Kuomoka’


Procurement of government tenders and contracts is one of the many openings graft lords continue to use in looting from public coffers. The use of proxies and soft targets in this case ordinary Wananchi as a way of separating themselves from the scandals to avoid being trailed by the investigating agencies is a strategy these lords continue to use in perpetuating their graft schemes.

The idea of getting rich overnight especially in our generation where everything happens real-time is illogical and to a larger extent cultivates a culture of laziness not to mention an enabler of corruption.

Ask a Kenyan the easy way to get rich in the modern-day and the answer will be nothing but ‘tafuta tender kwa serikali’ also known as tenderpreneur as a sure way to pocket millions and billions of monies from the government (entrepreneurs who bid for tenders from the government). The fact that trading with the government only requires one to register a company to account for any transaction whether ‘air supply’ or the real supply of goods and services is a notion the public might want to once and for all bury.

This is because of the machinery the government has put in place to #Komesha ufisadi. The MAT (Multi-Agency Taskforce) is determined to completely seal all the loopholes that enable the vice and to fight graft. It is no longer business as usual, for every young Kenyan with a dream to omoka ‘make it’.

It is probably time the youth put on the gloves and work hard to see their dreams come true and not collude with graft lords. Corruption is evil, corruption eats the very moral fiber of the society!

Keeping quiet or joining hands with graft lords will not fight the menace.  Don’t allow the lords to use you in stealing your own hard-earned money. Tell us your experience and your efforts in the fight against graft.

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