The KShs.505 million graft case against Migori Governor Okoth Obado, his four children and others has been adjourned, after his daughter gave birth.

Milimani Anti-Corruption Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi stated before Court on Tuesday, March 1 that the case was adjourned after Everlyn Adhiambo gave birth and couldn’t avail herself for the proceedings.

Ms. Adhiambo was further excused from court proceedings for three months. Since trials began for the graft case, Obado’s two daughters were reported pregnant on 18 November and have been attending the trials virtually.
The prosecution led by Eva Kanyuira, nonetheless said the case will not be adjourned wholly since the Court has been ready to proceed with the hearing. Further, the prosecution was against putting aside the case, despite Obado’s lawyer Kioko Kilukumi being unwell.

The trial against Okoth Obado starts afresh as per a court order – November 18, 2021. The court has made preparations to avail a Luo interpreter as per a March 1, 2022 request after Peninah Ouma, one of the accused said she did not understand English.

Governor Obado faces charges of siphoning millions of shillings from Migori County Government and channeling them to his entities and family. In this case, the accused include; Okoth Obado, Susan Scarlet, Jerry Zachary, Evelyn Adhiambo and Dan Achola Okoth and others, including businessman Jared Kwaga.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has set the pace for future leaders, in accomplishing the war against graft by ensuring that there’s no discrimination in trial especially for graft cases. Migori Governor Okoth Obado, is one of the top public servants being tried in a graft case, against the usual norm of top officials secluded from trial. It is important for public servants to lead with integrity, keeping off graft, because the law provides for punitive measures against such misdeeds.

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