Kenyans can finally give a sigh of relief as suspects involved in the long learning infamous Anglo Leasing case face prosecution after anti-corruption trail Magistrate Anne Mwangi put Chris Obure and other government officials on their defense.

Obure was charged together the then Information Permanent Secretary Sammy Kyungu, Former Treasury Finance Secretary Samuel Bundotich and the late former Post Master General Francis Chahonyo with abuse of office over a contract signed between the government and three United United(US) companies to supply internet services in 2003.

The anti-corruption court found that the former Kisii Senator Obure, currently the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, has a case to answer in the Kshs. 928Million Anglo Leasing case, saying that the state had established a prima facie case against all the accused persons on the case. The magistrate directed the case to be mentioned on October 8. Obure is accused of authorizing payments worth $11.8 million (Kshs.928 million) to the shadowy companies.

The Anglo Leasing case has been a thorn in the flesh as far as the fight against corruption in the country is concerned, with anti-graft agencies being put on the spot for failing to net the main architects.

The corruption involved payment of millions of dollars to shadowy foreign companies in the scam involving services ranging from forgery-proof passports to naval ships and forensic laboratories – which never materialized.

The only conviction was in 2012 when the then Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Sylvester Mwaliko was found guilty of abuse of office and fined him Kshs.3 million shillings ($35,400). Despite this ruling, Kenyans have continued to contend that the main architects of the scam remained scot free or enjoyed protection from prosecution.

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