The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has raised concerns over misleading statements by a lawyer over the signing of Integrity Codes by the newly elected State Officers.

Lawyer Kipchumba Karori was called out over what the Commission termed as misleading views over his statement that signing of integrity Codes by State Officers was mediocrity.

The Commission said that terming integrity commitments by Governors as mediocre acts was reckless and misinformed, adding that professionals are key actors in the quest for good governance in Kenya and should always be at the forefront in advancing anti-graft initiatives as opposed to appearing to politicize the fight.

EACC, in a tweet, reiterated that besides coercive law enforcement, EACC is also mandated to prevent corruption through integrity promotion, adding that corruption must be attacked from all fronts, including enforcement of public integrity standards.

“EACC does not sit to wait for corruption in order to fight it. We must proactively prevent it,” said the tweet.
Following their election into office in the just concluded General Elections, Governors and their Deputies signed Integrity Codes alongside their Oath of Office, committing to uphold integrity and combat corruption in performance of their duties.

“Signing of the Integrity Code signifies a commitment and pledge by the State Officer that as they discharge their duties to the public, they will uphold the integrity and not betray public trust in any way. The Code is under Part II of the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012, said EACC.

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