High Court’s Lady Justice Esther Maina issued freezing orders to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for funds belonging to individuals who swindled the correctional services department of millions in ghost supplies. The freezing orders will remain in force for six months to allow EACC to finalize the ongoing investigations.

Eric Kipkurui Mutai, prison-cleaning supervisor is the main suspect in the Ksh257 million scandal that was exposed last month. Also, his two prime properties and seven motor vehicles have been repossessed.

Investigations reveal that Mutai purchased three parcels of land in Nyaribari Chache, Kericho and Nairobi for a total of Ksh 57 Million and seven vehicles all valued at Ksh30.6 Million.

Further, it was revealed that he is one of the suspects under investigation by EACC for irregular payments of Ksh 450 Million by the State Department to 18 companies, fraudulently obtained Ksh 257 Million through seven companies in which he is the registered sole proprietor. The money was allegedly embezzled through fictitious contracts for the supply of food and ration which were never delivered. He is suspected to have executed the scheme in collusion with colleagues in the State Department.

The antigraft agency has also repossessed prime properties in Nairobi for two officers who were fraudulently paid Ksh16,780,000 by the State Department of Correctional Services, in collusion with Principal Accountant Moses Sirengo for goods not supplied.

The announcement was made by Mbarak who urged voters to reject politicians with integrity issues. He added that citizens, especially the youth shouldn’t let politicians determine their future. He advised that they can shape a prosperous future by electing into office the right politicians irrespective of political party affiliations.

Finally, the Kenyan electorate should take charge of their political future, and it is only when they elect leaders of integrity, they can expect good laws and policies that guarantee national prosperity.

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