Ahead of the August 9 general elections, the Catholic Church has thrown its weight towards the fight against corruption by urging Kenyans to elect leaders of integrity.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) reminded citizens that they should vote for leaders who can be trusted to manage public resources. The church leaders through a statement signed by KCCB chairman Rev Martin Kivuva urged voters to elect leaders with proven record to fight corruption.

They backed up President Uhuru Kenyatta’s message that corruption remains the greatest impediment to the country’s developmental agenda.

“We look forward to a country where corrupt practices do not exist; a country where we can access public services without favouritism or need for bribery,” read the statement.

“A God-fearing Nation that does not praise those perpetrators of evil, criminals but condemns evil and facilitates its sanctions through the laid down systems.”

The leaders further reminded politicians vying for elective seats to ensure proper and equitable use of public funds, when elected. The church leaders were categorical that the leaders of tomorrow must hold the interests of the public at heart and demystify as well as fight corruption with all their abilities.

“We want a government that spends on the people not on its officials. We have to correct this by critically reflecting the Kenya we Desire as we go to the polls. We believe in righting wrongs, as a church and as Kenyans because this is possible,” read the statement.

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