On Monday 21st November 2020 Nicholas Sarkozy appeared in a Paris courtroom to face charges of corruption. Sarkozy was accused of trying to illegally obtain information on another legal case against him in which he allegedly tried to obtain information from a judge, offering to help him secure a job in return.

Sarkozy has also been under investigation since 2013 for allegedly receiving 5 million Euros illegally from the late Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi’s regime to finance his 2007 campaign. He has denied these allegations and has been given preliminary corruption charges in the case. Sarkozy‘s application to have the case deferred on the basis of his health was quashed by the court with a hearing date set for Monday, 30th November 2020. Following his application, critics have accused him of trying to evade justice including using his influence to delay the cases against him.

He is the first French head of state since 1945 to attend his own trial.

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