Migori Governor, Okoth Obado is set to lose his two Toyota Landcruisers and money acquired from a Ksh143,000 rent-a-month Loresho Ridge home as the Anti-graft body, EACC closes in on him.

The vehicles and the home were frozen last year after EACC went to court, however, the anti-graft agency has raised concerns that graft ridden Mr. Obado or his agents might sell or transfer them, to scuttle plans to have the properties forfeited to the State, EACC is seeking the vehicles logbooks and money from the house’s rent,
In a bid to prevent such an eventuality, EACC has asked the court to allow it to seize and sell the vehicles and have the proceeds deposited in a joint income earning account, pending the determination of the case. This is in the eventuality that the Governor fails to surrender the logbooks. The agency has also proposed that the monthly rental income from the upmarket Loresho Ridge home should also be deposited in a joint account.

The Commission is also seeking to recover Kshs.73.4 million assets, which is being held by Mr Obado and his relatives or proxies. The properties are suspected to be proceeds of corruption and economic crime.
EACC told the court that Obado, together with some of his relatives and proxies registered several companies for the sole purpose of procuring contracts from Migori county government, through fictitious or irregular contracts. The graft body traced monies wired to his children’s account; meant to conceal that he was the beneficiary of the contracts. Evidence shows the money was used to pay school fees and upkeep for his children’s studies in universities abroad. Some of the money was used to acquire properties and vehicles.

Investigations by EACC revealed that Kshs.38.9 million was allegedly wired to Obado’s children Scarlet Okoth, Jerry Zachary and Dan and a balance was used to acquire the vehicles. Another Kshs.34.5 million was traced to Kenya Power Pension Fund, which was used to purchase his Loresho Ridge home. EACC said that the tenant pays rent to Obado’s daughter, Evelyn.

The investigations also revealed that the companies which were given contracts were owned by close relatives and family members associated with Governor Obado and his co-accused Jared Peter Kwaga. Migori County officials, 15 businessmen and women among them Mr. Kwaga and his five close family members, Mr Obado and his five children- Dan, Scarlet Okoth, Jerry and Evelyn were arraigned before court in 2018 and charged with conspiracy to commit economic crime and money laundering. The offences allegedly occurred between 2013/2014 Financial Year and 2016/2017 while trading with Migori County Government

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