The anti-graft lead agency, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has completed investigations into claims of corruption Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru over millions of shillings she was allegedly paid for non-existent foreign trips.

This new development puts the Senate for having cleared her when she was impeached should the Kirinyaga Governor be hauled in court over those allegations. The Senate cleared the Governor after debating Waiguru’s impeachment motion, and cleared her of any impropriety in the matter, saying there was no evidence to support the claims. The Speaker also stopped any further proceedings on the allegations, citing standing orders that bar any investigations on matters that have been concluded by a Special Committee.

The anti-graft agency concluded investigations into allegations of impropriety in the payment of travel imprests running into millions of shillings and in a report to the Director of Public Prosecutions, has recommended that Waiguru and other county officials refund the cash they received illegally, or face abuse of office charges.
Waiguru is alleged to have received Kshs.10 million as travel imprest for non-existing trips allegedly to the US, UK, France, Morocco, India, Germany and Abu Dhabi, trips that according to EACC never took place despite the Governor and the County officials pocketing millions as allowances. Out of the contentious Kshs. 20.9 million, only Kshs.12 million was accounted for further, there were no were no letters of invitation, purpose of the trips was unknown, no approved work plans, no itinerary, not all trips had letters of appointment/nominations or authority to travel outside the country, and the imprests were neither surrendered nor supported by payment vouchers and boarding purpose or back to office reports.

This outcome has exposed the Senate, which is responsible for oversight over the devolved Government, casting on whether it can be trusted to protect public funds by checking Counties’ expenditure, which is crucial in the fight against corruption.

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