Children of corrupt suspects are beneficiaries of their parents’ evil dealings in Kenya. From lavish lifestyles to attending international schools and speaking foreign languages, this describes the life of few children whose parents embezzle funds from government institutions in mega corruption scandals.

Such appears to be the life of the children of one James Thuita Nderitu, a businessman turned NYS suspect, if his claims of paying millions for child support are anything to go by. Thuita, who had received more than Kshs. 1.6 billion from the NYS, could not explain the reasons for receipt of the hefty sum in his multiple bank accounts., neither could he explain the whereabouts of Kshs. 1.5 billion which he had withdrawn by the time the long arm of the law caught up with him. And when it emerged that he had wired hundreds of millions to an account of a company called Ellwyn Supplies that was co-owned by himself and his estranged wife, the best excuse he could come up with was: child support!

According to him, the money was to facilitate child support, since he had separated from his wife Yvonne Wanjiku Ngugi. However, according to investigations by the Assets Recovery Authority (ARA) Ellwyn Supplies is believed to be one of many conduits Thuita used for illegal transactions and distribution of stolen NYS funds. Investigations further showed that Thuita received Kshs. 110 million directly to his private account from NYS, whose balance at the time of the court case was a measly Kshs. 3.1 million for which the court issued a preservation order to prohibit him and his wife from withdrawing.

This means that Yvonne received hundreds of millions in her account for child support. How preposterous! And what ridiculous lengths someone can go to find an excuse to defend public theft!

The big question is: now that the funds have been frozen, does it mean the Thuita children are suffering from lack of luxury?

Previously, another NYS suspect Phyllis Njeri Ngirita claimed that her son was turning into a chokora and could no longer speak German because the court was withholding the money. Was the stolen NYS money meant to fund their lavish lifestyle while other Kenyans suffered?

This trend has been witnessed in many mega corruption scandals where corrupt perpetrators collude with their kin to swindle government funds and live flamboyantly denying other Kenyans a quality life.

The NYS scandal will remain as one of the most shocking corruption scandals in the country where many civil servants and business people colluded to defraud the county and its citizens of their hard-earned taxes. It is encouraging to see some of the suspects lose their jobs and others lose their wealth. If one cannot explain where they got their wealth, then they should be denied access to the monies and properties because it’s obvious they are stolen public funds or proceeds of crime which should be forfeited. The government should continue with the war against corruption and seal all loopholes in order to curtail the perpetrators and protect public funds.

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