The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put Kenya on the spot to speedily investigate and prosecute perpetrators of the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) corruption scandal.

The IMF said that the medical agency published reports with beneficial ownerships of the KEMSA scandal, however, they failed to share the information in the Public Procurement Information Portal for access by members of the public.

“This key planned step should be implemented as a matter of priority,” said the IMF, indicating that the publication should be implemented latest June.

Publishing these names, exposes the rot at KEMSA and puts repercussions against the perpetrators, as a result, this helps deter crime.

The government completed audit of all Covid-19-related expenditures for the Financial Year 2019-2020, including audits of all spending by State Corporations and forensic audits of Covid-19 funds utilised by national government entities, KEMSA and counties.

Amidst this call, IMF lauded the government for the multiple audits done on the government projects including KEMSA, showing a high level of integrity and transparency.

Following the audit findings, President Uhuru Kenyatta fired the whole KEMSA Board. KEMSA was legally tasked to procure Covid-19 protective gears in August 2020, but was put on the spot following a KShs. 7.8 Billion looting.

Kenya is highly funded by The IMF and is among 73 countries with access to $173 billion special global emergencies fund. The Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is administered by the IMF and aimed at mitigating the impact of the coronavirus on economies of various targeted countries.

Last year, the government received an estimated KSh200 billion from external funds including IMF and the World Bank.

The government indicated that it had put much of the IMF cash that it received last year, about KShs.78.3 billion, into healthcare and liquidity support, including paying pending bills and refunding taxes.

As President Kenyatta puts up a fight against corruption, all forces seem to support the fight, especially this latest call by IMF. The citizens as well as public servants are also urged to stay away from graft, and report any cases they come across.

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