Two people who masqueraded as Ethics and Anti-Corruption detectives and swindled a person of Kshs.700.000 have been arrested.

The two, Benson Mwangangi and Anne Kanana were nabbed when they went to collect a further Ksh.300,000 from their victim.

The imposters, who posed as EACC investigators had informed their target victim that he had been adversely implicated over illegal water connections by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company over which several people had already been charged in court.

The duo then threatened to forward his file to court unless he parted with a Kshs.1 million bribes. They then proceeded to put him under pressure to raise the bribe which he paid in batches with the culprits proceeding to collect the Ksh.700,000. One of the culprits, Muasya, claimed they had photographic evidence of the illegal water connections against the victim and that some of the victims had already paid bribes, and others who had compromised water company employees had been taken to court.

The imposters were in the process of collecting the final balance of Kshs.300,000 when they were nabbed after the victim reported the scam to EACC.

Cases of criminals hoodwinking their culprits by posing as the investigative agency’s sleuths have been reported previously. The Commission has urged Kenyans to report suspicious individuals who introduce themselves as EACC officers without proper identification.

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