The ODPP has filed an appeal following the suspension of the trial of the Ksh.63 billion Kimwarer and Arror dams case.

Word on the street is that the magistrate involved in the case ‘alikula kitu kidogo’ to suspend the trial. Political interferences by people aligned to the ‘Hustler movement’ affected the justice process. This has been a major blow to the fight against corruption by the ODPP and other anti-graft agencies involved in the case.

The ODPP is nevertheless, pushing through and recently withdrew charges against Thugge who will now become a state witness against other suspects involved.

The resolve of the ODPP will likely bear fruit as the intricate graft webs are broken and suspects turn against each other to provide evidence on behalf of the state. The judiciary on the other hand should collaborate with anti-graft agencies in speeding up graft cases to ensure public funds are recovered.

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