Twalib Mbarak, CEO Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), has accused Kenyans of being the root cause of corruption problems in the country due to poor vetting of leaders.

Mbarak said that whenever a corruption case is brought before the EACC and the DPP for investigation, the trail always leads back to the people who elected the leaders in those positions.

He added that most times, the issues found in the counties are being investigated and are as a result of the citizen not doing a preliminary vetting of the type of person they are voting for. He also said that to address corruption, there is need to have a clean society culture.

He also stated that, despite significant progress, the war on corruption still has a long way to go, stating that it is difficult to attend to all cases at this time, blaming it on limited resources.

Further, Mbarak claimed that case handling is slow because they are limited in their ability to control the calendar of events, and that they are aimed primarily at people of high social status who appear untouchable and ensure that their resources are equal to the prosecution’s. Additionally, he said that in such cases the witnesses are compromised by being given something small to not appear in court and have withdrawn cases as a result of witnesses disappearing.
Mbarak said that the three main pillars: a clean society culture, a clean political environment and strengthened justice institutions will be the main aid to addressing corruption in the nation.

The war on corruption can only be won at the ballot. Therefore, it is the role of each Kenyan to ensure that the leaders they elect during the coming elections have integrity and clean record so as to be entrusted with the management of the country.

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