It is exactly one year, and roughly two months and few hours away from a decision that will break or make this great Nation! Kenyans will once again be deciding on the fate of the economy, democracy and above all, the leadership of our great country Kenya.
A time when citizens will once again employ, deploy, sack or hire politicians and leaders based on how they deem fit. The only time the rich will wander the streets of Nairobi and Mashinani trying to remind citizens what they have achieved in the last half a decade. The only season the voice of Wanyonge matters, but lest we forget, good work never goes unnoticed! No bell is needed to remind Kenyans the sacrifice leaders have made for the sake of this great Nation. Good leaders have a track record of service to their own people, that speaks for itself.
“A page of history is worth a pound of logic.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes
It matters where we come from, it matters even more where we are going as a country. The 2007-2008 post-election violence that resulted in 1,133 casualties, at least 350,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), approximately 2,000 refugees, significant, but unknown, numbers of sexual violence victims, and the destruction of 117,216 private properties and 491 government-owned properties including offices, vehicles, health centres and schools. All these we should not erase from our minds, in our pursuit of the next regime.
Recently, formations and political alignments meant to ferry them to statehouse, embarked on the journey of compensating and resettling the internally displaced people of Mount Kenya region. However, the move was not motivated to heal the wounds inflicted by the same quotas, but to win their hearts as a strategy to clinch power.
Wounds take time to heal, they actually go through a biological process and for a wound to heal successfully, all the phases must occur in the proper sequence and time frame. Fourteen years forward, and Kenyans will be required to make yet another decision.
“Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history.”- Abraham Lincoln
As we think of the next course of action, my fellow voters, great men of resilience and real hustlers that sweat out to make ends meet, let us not be fooled by the charming words from unscrupulous politicians whose strategy is nothing but to use our own vulnerabilities, and capitalize on our weaknesses to meet their selfish agenda.
2022 will come, but Kenya will stay, the decision you make in the ballot box is personal but the effect has a ripple effect on every other.
Lest we forget what we are made of, where we have come from and most importantly where we want to go as Kenyans!

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