Corruption runs rampant in the government yet the concerned authorities and the citizens are quiet—as if nothing is happening. Billions of shillings in public funds is lost every month due to a porous criminal justice system.

This money ends up in individuals’ pockets yet many Kenyans are wallowing in abject poverty. We are so quiet, as if corruption is a norm. The corrupt leaders have no right to loot public resources that Kenyans pay as tax using their hard-earned money.

The cost of living is skyrocketing. Food prices have reached a record high. Almost every commodity’s is double its price a few months ago yet the looters of public funds walk scot-free. We rarely witness corrupt government officials being charged—let alone convicted—for engaging in corruption. Even the few who are netted by the law, it takes years for them to be charged but the economic effects of their crimes are felt immediately and widely.

Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu has, on many occasions, blown the whistle on the huge amounts of money that are stolen but the concerned authorities don’t take action—or take too long to act. The Office of the Auditor-General has been releasing reports on how public resources are misused and they are, indeed, disheartening. Billions of shillings in the national and county governments cannot be accounted for. If this trend continues, then our economy will be sabotaged beyond salvage.

The recent Auditor-General’s Report indicates that up to Sh70 billion of borrowed money was misappropriated. The huge sums would been used to cushion Kenyans from the high cost of living.


Recently, MPs raised the debt ceiling to Sh10 trillion. Woe unto us. Instead of passing laws that will ensure corruption loopholes are sealed, they increased the avenues for looting through increased debt. Instead of taking legislative measures to tame graft, they work to preserve the status quo and avoid a head-on collision with their party bosses.

Political leaders are on top of cars campaigning and promising us heaven on earth yet they can’t condemn corruption or call out the concerned authorities to take action. If they raise a concern, their voice would be heard; but then, at the moment, they are preoccupied with politicking. We sit in our couch in the evening to watch them on television as they fire salvos at each other, none of which helps to solve our economic problems.

It’s time everybody arose and condemned corruption. Keeping quiet is like giving the looters the green light to continue their vile act. For how long shall we witness public resources being pocketed by few? For how long shall we stay calm in the face of exploitation without uttering a word?

Elections will not solve our problems. We face an economic crisis. This is serious. It’s up to us to stand together. Pressure groups should now stand by the people to force the government to act and end corruption. Leaders should condemn graft at all costs.

Courtesy of Caleb Korir Published on Daily Nation

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