Malawian government has opened investigations on alleged corruption by Malawian born British businessman Zuneth Abdul Rashid Sattar and government officials.

Lazarus Chakwera Malawi’s President vowed to conduct the crackdown after international investigations revealed the misuse of state resources by the suspects under investigation.

The President revealed that he will follow a legal path in investigating the allegations that so far reveal senior officials in previous administrations, abusing power in various ways including manipulating public procurement systems. President Chakwera’s deputy is also among those being investigated.

Despite denying the allegations placed on him, renowned businessman Mr. Sattar is also being investigated by the UK’s National Crime Agency and Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau for involvement in the squandering of an estimated $150mn meant for supply of ration packs, water cannon among other items to security forces.

The government’s stand against graft is supported by the public who are also angered that hidden graft schemes must have played a huge role in placing Malawi into an economic crisis that spiraled into the current high cost of living.

President Chakweran has however maintained that steps taken by the government so far in the fight against corruption will put the country back into a prosperous path and end the perpetual cycle of graft. The businessman in question, Mr. Sattar was arrested in the UK in October last year and a file opened against him by a UK court in May 2022.

Malawi is at a space when its stand on anti-corruption has been put to a test, since the investigations came at a time when President Chakwera stopped delegating powers to his deputy after he was identified to be corrupt. According to Martha Chizuma anti-corruption bureau director, the graft cases have all the characteristics of state capture, for individual gain.

Malawi joins Kenya and South Africa in the fierce fight of graft cases involving top government officials who steal public resources for individual gain. Africa is focused on the fight against graft for a renewal and strengthening of its economy with the interest on self-sustainability.

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