The incident happened at Hurlingham in Nairobi involving the police and matatu crew.

The Matatu had picked passengers at the Railway station in the CBD and was headed to Kawangware. On reaching the first bus stop towards Hurlingham, it stopped. We assumed they were either picking or dropping off a passenger. So, we waited patiently occupied in our thought. That’s when I looked up to check why it was taking us too long at the bus stop only to realize, we had apparently been abandoned. There was no driver or conductor in the mat. We were crew less. We were alone. Then the touts standing around started saying, “si wapewe dere awapeleke…”

Curious and alarmed at the unfolding scenario, I inquired from fellow passengers where the crew had disappeared to.
That’s when I learnt that apparently, they had earlier had an infraction with the cops and their documents had been confiscated. They had gone back to negotiate with the cops out of sight and as usual they gave something to get their documents back.

The “negotiations” took longer because Makanga ako na fifty Bob na Askari anataka Zaidi ya Mia tano. Swali ni, Makanga akilipa polisi to do the right thing, sisi abiria fare tutalipa ngapi??

Corruption is stinking in Kenya!
Tafadhali fanyeni kitu!
Komesha Ufisadi kabisa

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