Game poacher and drug trafficker Abubakar Mansur Mohammed Surur alias Mansour was recently extradited to the United States. His sins include allegiance to a transnational criminal syndicate within East Africa and alleged conspiracy to sell tones of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horns in the US.

His extradition gives hope to anti-corruption enthusiasts. They assert that corruption cases in Kenya especially those involving powerful personalities and their offshore accounts should be addressed in the same manner.

A while back the Attorney General of Jersey, Jersy Island, made a request for the extradition of former Kenya Power boss Samuel Gichuru and ex-Energy minister Chris Okemo. The two are accused of fraud, money laundering, and using a company in Jersy to sanitize their corrupt proceeds.

The case is currently at the Supreme Court after a 2015 High Court order allowing for their extradition, was overturned by the Court Appeal in 2018. In 2019, the DPP Noor Haji and EACC boss Twalib Mbaarak went to Jersy Island to amongst other things, discuss how to surmount the legal hurdles facing the extradition application. This cooperation has also enabled the seizure of Sh444 million from the accused accounts and the monies will be repatriated to Kenya.

Many other corruption cases of national interest must attract the same rigor and collaboration. Corrupt individuals of regional and international repute should face the full force of the law. It is the only way to save Kenyan taxpayers from the few greedy and irredeemable public personalities.

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