The development of this country is the single most important issue that should be at the centre of politics as we head towards the 2022 General Elections.

The government has made great strides in developing our country as evidenced by the massive infrastructural projects implemented across the country. This has been the greatest achievement of the Government under President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is gains we cannot afford to undo.

Accordingly, the greatest impediment to development, the loss of public funds through corruption, is one issue that politicians, and those aspiring to political offices in the coming General Elections need to address and pronounce themselves on in their campaign manifestos.

The fight against corruption is an essential issue that should be addressed by the political class with the priority it deserves. As the President said, we cannot afford to look back in the fight against corruption. It needs to be stamped out fully and decisively.

The commitment to the fight against corruption, as well as the adherence to integrity and upholding of the principles of good governance, are the values that the electorate need to ask the aspirants to pronounce themselves on.

The anti-graft agencies have enjoyed an un-paralled public support and goodwill from President Uhuru in carrying out the mandate entrusted to them by Kenyans. The agencies have worked independently, without interference and with great support and facilitation in form of resources.

The main issue facing Kenya and threatening to undo the gains made in infrastructural and socio-economic development is the impunity of theft of public funds.

It is therefore very worrying to see the recent arrest of Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua over corruption allegations touching on Kshs. 7.4 billion being politicised.

All Kenyans of goodwill need to see through the dangers that such a route poses for the development of our nation and reject it with the contempt it deserves. We must let our courts and anti-graft agencies do their work without unnecessary distractions.

The constitution of Kenya created these institutions, entrenched and protected them for the good of the country. We must respect that.

We cannot afford to play politics with the fight against corruption.

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