The incident took place recently in Mbagathi hospital This young couple were looking forward to welcoming their first baby home, and the husband had hired a taxi to go pick up the wife and the new born. The expectant mother had a difficult delivery and was briefly shown her baby before he was whisked off to the new borns’ cradles.

As the husband was busy processing the wife’s discharge, an eye witness who was standing by noticed a hospital medic approach the one handling the discharge and ask urgently, “ïle mambo itakuwaje sasa?”. They exchanged glances and one of the medics pointed at three newborns lying in a row. She was heard whispering and then pointed at the infants, “ule wa mwisho kulia ndiye wake, na ule mwingine ndio wa ule mama. Mpatie huyo”

The unfolding scenario was unsettling to the eye witness and he realised something awful was going on.
The nurse then picked the baby that was pointed out and handed it to the mother who had been discharged. Being busy with the discharge process, the young couple had been oblivious of the exchange between the two medics. However, the moment the newly delivered mother looked at the baby handed to her, she immediately raised the alarm and said that was not her baby because hers was of a darker skin tone and this one was clearly very light skinned.

It’s at that moment the eye witness, pricked by his conscious and greatly disturbed to witness an obvious case of child swapping, decided to speak up and confronted the medics and revealed what they had done and he had witnessed. The couple and the eye witness remained firm despite attempts to intimidate them. The eye witness said he saw an envelope handed over to the medic who handed over the wrong baby. He further said when the medics realised, they had been busted, they offered him a bribe of Ksh. 20,000, pleading üsinimalizie kazi”. He refused to take the bribe and insisted they give the mother the right baby. The victims felt scared and chose not to report the incident since the medics beat a hasty retreat and gave them the right baby. They warned the medics not to attempt that again. He fears there is a baby selling cartel at the public hospital.

It transpired that, apparently, another mother had delivered a baby girl while the victimised mother had delivered a baby boy. The first woman had so far only given birth to girls and this time, when she went to be delivered of child, her husband had warned her not to go back home unless she had a baby boy. It is in desperation she had compromised the medics to swap her baby girl for a baby boy.

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