The Fight Against Corruption in Kenya…Yet Another Chapter


The Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, has been vocal in his appeal to Kenyans to join efforts in the fight against corruption and has also recently taken decisive steps to combat corruption. He has essentially changed leadership at all the key law enforcement agencies that are responsible for fighting corruption. This year he called for a lifestyle audit of all public servants including himself and the Deputy President, William Ruto. He also directed all procurement officers in public entities to step aside and undergo fresh vetting. The Kenyan President also directed the relevant institutions mandated with investigating and prosecuting economic crimes to do a thorough job and ensure those found culpable are held accountable. This shows that the President is focused on the fight against corruption. The political will to fight corruption seems stronger than at any other time in our history, hence the reason to revisit the topic. In November 2015, we wrote a focus on corruption where we looked at what Kenya could learn from Singapore on corruption; we highlighted political will to fight corruption as the most important factor in the fight against corruption.

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