President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked public officers to call out their colleagues who are participating in corrupt deals. He was speaking at the 4th International Association of Prosecutors and East Africa Association of Prosecutors Conference at Sarova Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa County.

He warned public officers against hiding behind independent offices in order to avoid scrutiny. He urged them to collaborate with each other for them to win the war against graft collectively.

Also, he reiterated that the war against corruption will also help in combating transnational organized crime, which he said calls for cooperation among countries.

He further said Kenya has adopted bilateral and multilateral approaches to fighting crime across borders. He also said that the continent loses about $88.8 billion (approximately Sh10.3 trillion) to transnational and organized crime a year.

“The resources Africa loses would have otherwise greatly helped the continent’s development agenda,” he said.
The President said most of the laws in African countries are playing catch up to the organized criminal elements, who keep on devising new ways of conducting crime, which hurts mostly the developing economies.
Transnational crime also evolves faster than laws are made and this makes it difficult to individually fight it, he said.

He said continuous training of law enforcement officers and other key agents involved in the criminal justice system is needed to match the ever-evolving nature of the transnational crime.

Additionally, he warned prosecutors against abetting corruption in the corridors of justice and instead help in the fight against the vice by pointing out corrupt colleagues. He asked the officers in the criminal justice system to adhere to the laws and not be part of those who break it.

The President has been at the forefront in the war against graft emphasized that the integrity in courts, the political system and the civil service is crucial if the country is to succeed in the war against corruption.

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