United States (US) government has banned Guatemala’s Attorney General Consuelo Porras from entering the country over allegations of involvement in corruption.

Porras, who was sworn in for a second term by Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, was also accused by the US of obstructing and undermining anti-corruption investigations in Guatemala.

Porras defended herself of any wrongdoing that that fighting corruption has been her priority, while the President described her as “a professional who meets all the constitutional requirements” to serve another term.

US State Department has put Porras and her husband on the list of “corrupt and undemocratic actors”.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused her of corruption obstructing anti-corruption investigations “to protect her political allies and gain undue political favour”.

In July, Porras was sharply criticized in Guatemala and abroad for sacking the head of Guatemala’s anti-corruption unit, Juan Francisco Sandoval, which led to street protests baying for his removal. She then has since removed at least six other anti-corruption prosecutors who were arrested on her orders and are now facing
charges ranging from obstruction of justice to abuse of authority.

The world has increasingly come out to fight corruption including through global collaborations and partnerships.

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